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Smartphones bring both productivity and a lack of productivity to businesses. There are apps where employees can swipe credit cards to pay for services. There are apps where employees can check in at locations. There are also applications like social media and games that are used on your employee’s phones, which can hurt productivity. What if there are ways that you can better track your employees, especially if you have employees that are primarily out of office during the work day?

Tracking Cell Phones Directly from Your PC

Luckily for you, there are ways that you can track your employees directly from your PC. This provides the perfect way for you to ensure that your staff is being productive and helps you find ways to increase efficiency. Here is a couple of ways that you can track cell phones directly from your PC:

Mobile Applications Specifically for Tracking

Answering the question how to track a cell phone, there are mobile applications that businesses can purchase to help keep track of their employee’s routes and stops, as well as keep a history of this information. Some of these apps also have features that offer business leaders statistics and analysis to help them maximize productivity in the future. Business leaders are also able to check the websites and apps that are being used while the employee is on working time, as well as acknowledging personal and work phone calls during their shift. For employees, there is a peace of mind knowing that there is a privacy mode, which will disable this service when the employee is not on the clock. Such applications include Yaware Mobile and Highster Mobile.


This only works if the employee has their GPS enabled on their phone. There is software that can be purchased for computers to help track down the cell phone of your employees to see where they are at any given time. This can be a great way to make sure that employees are on schedule and are exactly where they need to be.
Why Should You Track Your Employees
Time really is money, and you want to ensure that you are getting the time and attention that you need from your employees. If you have an employee that may not be as efficient as another, you can figure out why based on tracking them. Does your employee just move slower because they are unsure of what they are doing and needs more training? You can check websites they visit to see if they are looking up information regarding their tasks, allowing you to know if additional training is required or whether or not you should find a more capable employee. Are they constantly on social media or texting rather than doing their tasks? Tracking software can help you find deficiencies in your staff and help you figure out how to remedy these issues.


As an employer, you want to make sure that your staff is giving you your money’s worth. You want employees that are efficient as to maximize your productivity and help increase your profits. This may require you to track the activities of your employees while they are on their phones while on your time. Yaware Mobile has fantastic software to help you track your employees, and offer many additional services that you may find useful.

Control employees location on the route, monitoring calls, analysis of productivity.
To ensure the safety of relatives and family members
To get the access link to your account
No credit card required.
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