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Benjamin Franklin gave a very famous quote – “Time is money” & if you a businessman or a manager of a firm you must have realized how realistic this quote is. A good business/company stands over the pillars of hard work, intelligence and lots of money. But there is one more pillar that is equally important once your business is fully established and that is “Man- Management”. Now, you must be thinking that in which way man management is linked with our topic “how to track a cell phone from computer”. The answer to this million dollar question is explained below.

Hiring qualified & intelligent staff might be a tough job but it’s all the more difficult to monitor whether they are really using their full efforts in doing their job or not.

You pay hefty salaries to your employees that are divided into a good per day cost, say for example if you are paying 30000 bucks per month to a person, it means he is costing you 1000 bucks per day. Now, what if you realize that he is working 4-5 hours a day only & rest of the time he is indulged in phone calls & social networking sites. This counts for the fact that you are paying him around 400 bucks a day for free!

Let’s consider another situation. Some of you must be having work that involves your employees to have a visit or tour out of office. This is a situation where can’t monitor your employee at all. A study says that in such cases 60-70% times it happens that if your employee has done a work in 3 hours, he will waste the rest of the time hanging out around or simply go home to relax. Next day he will easily convince you that he had been working whole day.  Most of the times you can’t really track whether he is honest or not. In addition, in such cases employees might be using company assets e.g.: car for their own leisure activities.

Above all, every company has its own private information like technical patents, financial bidding data, vendor & client details, tender information etc. These are such critical details that can literally make your company or break your company. Being a manager you just can’t tolerate if some your employee is leaking such information out.

Now, the question arises “how to avoid such events? How to monitor your employees?” obviously you can’t be everywhere all the time to keep a check on every person. But there is an all-time solution to this problem i.e. track the cell phones of your employees on your computer.

Yes, you heard it right. Just by looking at your computer screen you can keep a check on each & every employee working under your supervision whether he is in the office or out of office.

A human is always having question till the time he is completely satisfied; now knowing about the fact that you can track the cell phones of your staff, you must be having another query in your mind i.e. “how to track a cell phone from computer”. You mind must be hovered with the fear that it might be IT related tough job to do so. Let me clarify you even a child can use this technique with ease.

Keeping track of cell phones is a new technology which is becoming popular day after another. If you have some doubt regarding some person under your team that he is involved in some deceitful activity which can hamper your work, you should use this cell phone tracking software to get sure of him. It helps you to keep a track on his messages, chats, calling information, GPS location etc.

Is taking cell phone track on computers legal?

Yes, it is completely legal to track your employee’s mobile phones. According to the legal jurisdiction keeping a watch on your employees is absolutely lawful & reasonable. The time duration in which a person is on official duty (whether in office or out of office), bosses have full right to keep an eye on them.

Note: Always draw a line between official cell phone track & personal track. For instance if your employee’s cell phone location shows that he was on some beach at the time when he was supposed to be at client’s place, you have full authority to take action against him on that note. But if he takes the track enabled phone with him to his house daily, you shouldn’t track him after office hours.

Is informing employees about cell phone track recording mandatory?

No, it not mandatory, but sometimes, yes, it is good to tell your employees that they under vigilance. Not doing that can make them object regarding their privacy.

Apart from that, informing them about it have a positive aspect as well. They will always be conscious & alert as they know that they are under strict & continuous vigilance. They will be afraid of doing any faithless activity. Just the news about the use of such technology is powerful enough to create a fear amongst such employees.

“Yaware.Mobile” cell phone track solution

The increasing popularity of “cell phone track” technique has forced many to think about the question on how to track a cell phone & visualize it on their computers which has led lot of people to manufacture lots of solutions for it. Hence, today market is full of such spyware solutions. It becomes really confusing what to opt for. Considering the user feedback, we can assure you there are maximum number of happy customers for YAWARE cell phone track system. It’s not only reliable software solution but also build with numerous tracking features.

Now, you must be wondering about the cost. Being a manager you must be knowing that some investment necessary to gain profits in future. It you want to save money of your company, if want to gain the title of best manager, stop worrying about this minute investment. We assure you that you will recommend this solution to others as well once you use it. All you need to do is:

  • Purchase YAWARE cell phone track solution
  • Install this application on your computer. Send invitations via email to your employees & ask them to Install it on their smart phones
  • You are ready to go

Features of “Yaware.Mobile”

  • Control location and deviation from the route with the help of GPS
  • This software helps you to define routes when your employee has to go out of office.
  • You can schedule the places to visit during his tour along with the track on transport you are providing without using any additional devices.
  • Keep a watch on private social media surfing during working hours
  • This software help you to Monitor and analyze how much time he is spending on gaming, social media or instant messengers for private engagement during working hours
  • Control the time spent on private calls
  • It let you to Control the time duration your employee spends on his private calls. You can have a record of all the call details of your employees & set time limits for private calling.


The bottom Line

Being a manager you have loads of responsibilities. Above that keeping a check on your team 24*7 becomes a headache. Decide now, use Yaware.Mobile and shed stress from shoulders.








Control employees location on the route, monitoring calls, analysis of productivity.
To ensure the safety of relatives and family members
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No credit card required.
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