1,19-Best way to track a cell phone staff members
No doubt there is quite a growth in the usage of GPS these days, as many people switch to smartphones. This development is a good thing for employers because it means they can benefit by tracking the cell phones of their staff. This is highly possible as there are various hardware/software solutions that help you track the cell phone of a staff. Effective tracking saves time and money and if nothing else, improves efficiency at least.

However, before you set out in search of an answer to your question “How to track a cell phone of a staff? There are certain things to consider and they include:

Let your employees know what you are planning: It’s very important that your staff understand the benefits and not really feels threatened by it. Let them understand it improves efficiency and transparency for all parties.

Get your employees to agree on tracking them: After discussing the concept of “cell phone track” with your employees, you have to get them to agree and see reason. It’s not intended to be a secret. Let them be aware of the processes.

Selecting a Cell Phone Track Solution

Now that everybody has agreed, it’s time to get the ball rolling. The first thing you need to do before you choose a particular cell phone track software solution is to study and learn how exactly it works together with its features. A good software solution should be able to do the following:

Employee work scheduling: Locate a cell phone tracking software that would allow you to schedule your employees’ working hours. Your staff would feel fine with the whole tracking thing if it doesn’t track their private life as well.

Location Monitoring: Yes, know where they are during working hours! Even though, the foremost reason of cell phone GPS track is efficiency, ‘location monitoring’ saves a headache when employees are on the job. You can monitor their routes to clients or deliveries with this added solution.

Social Media Blockers: Most employees while at work get distracted by their social media activities. You already know this one, don’t you? Staffs usually waste a lot of hours on social media networks. Look for a cell phone track software with this solution and get your employees to be more productive with their time. This social media blocker can prevent them logging into Facebook, Skype, Viber chats etc.

All in all, a good cell phone track should have the following features:
  • GPS track
  • Phone Gallery
  • Social media blocker
  • Location/route tracker
  • Work scheduling

Now, you have it. You now know how to track a cell phone of a staff. Getting a good cell phone track software solution will be the next thing to do. The Yaware Mobile Company really has good cell phone track solutions with all the features mentioned above. You just can’t go wrong with them. Everything you need on how to track your staff cell phone under one roof.
Control employees location on the route, monitoring calls, analysis of productivity.
To ensure the safety of relatives and family members
To get the access link to your account
No credit card required.
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