5 tips of employee tracking
Employee tracking is important for employers as it provides them with a better opportunity to monitor and control their employee’s activities. It is important for them to have a close look at what his personnel are doing and where they are because it is directly going to affect the efficiency and productivity of a particular organization. Employees have often been reported for accessing social media networks during working hours. Some even have been found to trick attendance systems and bunk their offices. From employer’s point of view, such negligence on the part of employees is totally unacceptable and can have devastating effects on his organization’s culture, productivity and efficiency. For the same reason, a conventional method employed by bosses is to reinforce an organizational structure with supervisors and foreperson. Unfortunately, this system has its flaws and has not been able to produce any substantial improvement. There have been improvements in the system, and the world has now superior tools to monitor and effectively control employees’ activity. These tools are employee tracking software, which gives employers better control to monitor their subordinates’ activity. Following are some of the features you, as a boss, should be looking at while adopting a specific one for your company:

Time tracking

This feature will let you have a closer look at the efficiency and productivity rate of various employees. It is going to provide you with a database of employees’ strongholds and deficiencies. You are going to have a closer look at how a particular employee reacts to a particular task. This information will then, ultimately, help you giving tasks to every employee at which they are good at.

Distinguish between various sites

An employee tracking system should be able to decide between the productive and unproductive sites. For instance, if an employee is up to a task that has nothing to do with social media sites, you should be able to turn off social media sites for him. This is going to decrease distractions for your employee, and he has better chances of increased efficiency. The feature is aimed at demarcating useful and not useful sites for each employee.

Location tracking

Employee tracking software should be having GPS and the option to monitor any employee’s location during working hours. It can improve the attendance of employees and can ensure that they are not lying about their location.

Data sharing

It is important that in addition to providing a better check to what your employees are doing, you have the option of staying connected with your team and can share information and data simultaneously to all of them.

Check on phone calls

This feature will allow you to monitor the activities of your employees on phone calls. You also have the option to distinguish between official and personal calls. Employees who spend significant of time on personal calls should be told to abort such activity, immediately. It is important that you get the authentic software at a reasonable price. Yaware is one such option that gives a compact solution to your employee tracking issues. Moreover, it also ensures the privacy of employees as it can be programmed to turn off, when once, done with office time.
Control employees location on the route, monitoring calls, analysis of productivity.
To ensure the safety of relatives and family members
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