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  • Employee phone tracking solution!

    Keep or deviate from the route? Business or Private calls?

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it!

Yaware.Mobile helps people to be more productive by measuring and analysing calls, apps and location of employee's phones

Control location and deviation from the route

Guarantee keeping routes and schedule visiting objects by employee or transport without using any additional devices.

Catch on private social media surfing while work

Monitor and analyse a part of time employees spend on gaming, social media surfing or instant messengers for private engagement while work.

Interrupt the habbit of long private calls

Control employees call and sms during working hours. Automatically separate business and private calls.



Now you can get full return on employees out of the office!


GPS and economy mode

Route Control

The history of movement for any period

The Structure of the Calls

The separation of personal and work calls

Applications and Websites

Separation of mobile applications and sites to productive and unproductive

Productivity Analysis

Statistics and historical records

Privacy Mode

Disabling the service outside working hours

Boosting productivity for the worlds leading brands

Yaware apps have been built by a team of 500 professionals servicing 70,000 customers worldwide

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